St. Edmund's Churchyard

There are over 600 memorials in St. Edmund's churchyard (the oldest from 1707 - no. 389) plus ledgers (floor slabs) and wall tablets inside the church. The index below is to those which are still legible, matching them up to entries in the church burial registers. Burial registers up to 1984 can be consulted at the Norfolk Record Office; but note that these do not record the exact location of a burial. Most Acle burials after 1950 have been at the Pyebush Lane cemetery, operated by Acle Parish Council. Occasionally a memorial bears a name not recorded in the register: either this is an omission, or the person is not actually buried in the churchyard, merely commemorated.

Information on those commemorated on the War Memorial, which stands in the churchyard.

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Index to memorials (in surname order) version 2.3

(Below) Plan of SW churchyard (Church Hall): memorials no. 109-378  Enlarge / copy

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(Above) Plan of SE churchyard (War Memorial): memorials no. 489-645  Enlarge / copy

(Below) Plan of NW churchyard: memorials no. 1-108  Enlarge / copy


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(Above) Plan of NE churchyard: memorials no. 379-488  Enlarge / copy

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